Internet, meet Exercise Stone. As boxes were packed and stamped for Walrus‘s 2013 holiday mailer hilarity, it became immediately clear that the Exercise Stone needed to be shared with the world. While hand-painting and mailing rocks around the country is great fun and an excellent use of resources, it was decided that the Stone needed a digital home. I whipped up the simple, responsive exercisestone.com to feature photography of the product plus ten official Exercise Stone exercises,  released weekly via animated GIF, YouTube video and an HTML newsletter. I shot and edited the clips and plastered them across the Internet with a social media presence spanning Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and even Google+.

EXERCISE STONE | The website most despised by gyms and personal trainers.

Original concept and every word of genius copy by Marco DiAddezio, mailer design by Chelsea Arrington. Acting by copywriter slash fitness model Mike Condrick.

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