Hani of the Apes

EDIT: My post made it to the front page of Reddit and was featured on BuzzFeed! We decided to let the Internet in on our fun and created a photo gallery of the weekend’s festivities. Nearly 70,000 views on Imgur, 7,000 upvotes on Reddit resulted in increased traffic to the band’s website, Bandcamp, and Facebook pages. I got about 600 views on my time-lapse video too!

The Finished Product

Getting people out to your band’s show the Saturday before Halloween might seem like a challenge, but my friends at Hani Zahra were more than up for it. To promote their show at Spike Hill, we decided to engage in a little monkey business. I have no professional make-up experience beyond playing around in Sephora, but with a little bit of patience, a few do-overs (thanks to Hani for his patience) and A LOT of Google searches, I transformed the band into characters from Planet of the Apes for the show, complete with four manly apes and one sexy Nova with a hand-sewn costume by yours truly:
Beautiful Angelica as Beautiful Nova

I shot a time-lapse video of myself during the first test run of the make-up application:

I created a variety of promotional images for both social media and printed materials (this ode to Pink Floyd is one of my favorites), even branded lollipops to distribute to potential attendees on the street outside the venue (dressed as apes, of course).

Quarter Sheet Printed Flier

The band looked and sounded wonderful, attendance was phenomenal, and Hani’s wonderful mother even flew in from Nebraska to see the show!
Hani Zahra as Hani of the Apes

Music video coming soon, but first I need a nap!

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