Emergen-C Facebook Timeline

When Facebook introduced Timeline, Walrus and Emergen-C thought it would be fun to pre-populate theirs with a few blasts from the past.

Emergen-C Timeline | Emergen-C Blue

I took this picture AND “blue” these bubbles. True story.

Emergen-C Timeline | It's a party!

It’s a party! An office party! Yay.

Emergen-C Timeline | Alacer's Founding

Mr. Orange signs important legal documents to make Alacer Corporation into a real life… corporation.

Emergen-C Timeline | Sweet Sixteen

Happy birthday, Emergen-C! Spin that bottle my way 😉

Emergen-C Timeline | Super Orange

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s Emergen-C’s most popular flavor, suppppper orange!

Emergen-C Timeline | Triple Berry

What happens when three berries go to bed together? Sweet, vitamin-filled dreams, of course!

Emergen-C Timeline | Mandarin Orange

Mandarin oranges are delicious.

Emergen-C Timeline | Emergen-C Pink

For very purchase of Emergen-C Pink, Alacer donates a portion of the proceeds to breast cancer research. Fruits don’t have breasts, so we threw pink paint on them to celebrate!

Emergen-C Timeline | Operation Gratitude

Alacer donates a portion of their proceeds to Operation Gratitude, which is an amazing organization supporting our troops overseas. Delivery! Vitamins!

Art direction by Tiff McKee and Jillian Dresser, retouching by Darren Westlund, produced by Jason Heller.

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